Anyone who's spent time training or leading their active/healthy lifestyle will at some point fall off the wagon (so to speak). Whether you miss a couple of weeks of training due to vacation, injury or illness; or you have a bad week at work/home and your nutrition goes to hell, it's inevitable and it happens to us all.

The good news is that there is no need to stress! I personally don't think Ive ever strung together more than 6 months of solid, perfect, training/nutrition without a bump in the road. 

I recently took a long overdue 2 week vacation. I had a great time. Totally unwound. I was staying reasonably active with hiking, yoga and surfing but it was a far cry from my usual routine and involved zero heavy weight training.

I lost about 3kg of lean muscle (insert sad face here). That translated to a substantial loss in strength and as a result slightly less than inspiring return to training. In fact it was damn near depressing.

This however was not my first rodeo and I know, just as many of you experienced campaigners know, that it's all part of the game!

How then do you deal with this TEMPORARY setback you ask? Easy. Understand that it's only temporary, it's all part of 'the journey' and all you need to do is get back on board and start training/eating well again. 

Would I jump right back into where I left off? No. Why? Firstly in my case it was impossible because I wasn't strong enough but secondly you want to AVOID INJURY. There's no point going too hard too soon and hurting yourself only to knock you out of the game for another 6 weeks!

So! in short:

1: Dont stress

2: It's only temporary

3: Get back on board as soon as you can

4: Take it easy. Don't go too hard too soon.

Happy training!

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