Does this happen to you?

Many people find that they put on weight during the colder months and often this can simply be equated to the nature of foods consumed during these months as well as significant reduction in activity levels.

In fact, on average most people will put on between 3 and 5 kilos over the colder months.

Comfort foods may taste great, but are packed with the types of calories that are very difficult to burn off, combined with a lack of physical activity, and you have a downward spiral leading to feelings of fatigue and a general lack of well-being.

Here are my two favourite tips to fight winter weight gain:

1)   Maintain physical activity: Whether you’re inside a gym or outdoors (lack of Vitamin D can also have adverse affects on weight loss), try not to let the weather get you down and instead get out there and get it done!

2)  Ditch the comfort foods:  Instead, try one of these alternatives - Treat yourself to a massage, a nice hot bath or enjoy a glass of wine (or all three!).

Happy training :)

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