Recovery is so important when it comes to physical activity.  I see people all too often going too hard, too early and leaving little time for their bodies to recover adequately between sessions.

This is especially prevalent in the early to middle stages of someone’s training regime when they start to see the results they’ve been working towards. This is fantastic, however it's at this point that I often see people begin to get carried away, not only with the amount of training they are doing, but also getting mad at themselves for missing a session or taking a day off.

A wise man once told me that ‘rest is a weapon’ and it’s true.

Taking a day off because you're tired does not mean you're being 'weak' or shirking your training responsibilities. You need to learn to listen to your body and If its telling you to rest then you better do so – remember your body is way smarter than you are.

Happy training :)

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